The Mouton Interactive Introduction to Historical Linguistics of German, 2007

The Mouton Interactive Introduction to Historical Linguistics of German presents a basic course in German historical linguistics through the use of multimedia. It gives an overview of the historical development of the German language from its beginnings up to the present day, covering the main changes that have occurred in German phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexicon, and provides linguistic interpretations for these historical processes.

The Introduction capitalizes on the potential of a multimedia presentation to enhance and deepen the user's understanding, and to present complex information of a kind which can only be conveyed with difficulty in purely written form. Detailed presentation of the texts is accompanied by a variety of media options, which are designed to make the material come alive and hence be clearer and easier to understand. The result is optimally effective learning: all the benefits of a book presentation are retained, and at the same time are enhanced by the advantages available to multimedia.

Editors: Cover Donhauser, Karin / Fischer, Annette / Mecklenburg, Lars Sound recording / Flash audio: Sibin Vassilev


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