Cell Out (SkinSITEs v. XI)

By post theater, 2008

skinSITES series contemplates on the phenomenon of “disappearance of a live performer” in the time of new media. For each site, taking inspiration from the site (its history, architecture, surrounding) Hiroko Tanahashi collaborates with a local choreographer / dancer to create a piece specially produced for this particular site. The 11th SkinSITEs has been created for the DA2 contemporary art museum ­ a former prison - in Salamanca (Spain).
The music / sound design refers to the former utilization of the building as a prison as well as the traditional Spanish dance Bolero. To increase the impact of sound and the rotating images the acoustic irradiation was realized by the use of quadraphonic surround.

concept/video art: Hiroko Tanahashi | choreography/dance: Alicia Soto | dramaturgy: Max Shumacher | music/sound design: Sibin Vassilev | light design: Fabian Bleisch

Sibin Vassilev
Kleiststr. 38 B
10787 Berlin

Email: sibin@sibin.de
Phone: 0049 30 24 04 58 60