Super Gravity Zero Gravity

By Alicia Soto / post theater, 2009

In Super Gravity Zero Gravity both performers and the audience lose their orientation and their sense of reality: live performers interact with projected performers and live movement meets video art in the "Gravity Box". This installation combines live video art and pre-produced video images by arranging performance spaces and video screens in unusual relationship to each other. This allows the dancers to perform in zero gravity and new dimensions for the choreography. The music and the soundscapes were produced subsequently to Alicia Soto's choreography. These compositions of sound metaphors and sound icons support effectively the choreographic and video narratives and interweave the different elements of the media performance with each other. The whole soundtrack is incorporated into a quad surround environment.

Credits: Artistic direction and dramaturgy: Alicia Soto, Hiroko Tanahashi, Max Schumacher Choreography: Alicia Soto Performance: Maya Lipsker, Alicia Soto, Alberto Velasco, Mikel Aristegui Media art: Hiroko Tanahashi Composer and sound art: Sibin Vassilev Light design and technical director: Fabian Bleisch

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