BIG DATA, 2016

Audiovisual live performance / Installations 
by Sibin Vassilev and Yoann Trellu
The project is about data flow in today's digital society, and the advancement of technology which creates new forms of surveillance and control restricting human freedom. It consists of compositions which use sound and visual elements to make the viewers immerse in the technological and abstract world of the network. 

If only fifteen years ago the Wachowskis’ Matrix ranked among other major anti-utopias, such as Orwell’s 1984 or Yevgeny Zamyatin's We, today the idea of total control that passes through the human body and is connected to the ubiquitous network is becoming a reality. The WikiLeaks phenomenon, and later the findings made by Edward Snowden revealed the dimensions of infiltration of technology in the organization of society and its power to generate various forms of control and resistance. Beyond the everyday use of the Internet, the network has a depth where new techniques of intelligence, used as control machines, are implemented. Programs such as the American PRISM and the British TEMPORA, operated by state security agencies, question the basic concepts and ideas of human freedom. The capabilities of these programs to collect huge amounts of information from the network through companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc., from the internet service providers or directly from the cables connecting the servers show the vulnerability of people and everyday communications, and the fragile boundaries of personal space. 

n his project, Sibin Vassilev tackles all these issues by using sound composition and the visual graphics of Yoann Trellu to build a comprehensive aesthetic environment in which people are present simultaneously as an audience, viewers and participants. Their senses are awakened by the quadraphonic sound environment where sounds move in space at different speeds, crescendos and decrescendos thereby redefining and reshaping it.
The work is taking place not only in front of, but virtually in the minds of, the audience who thus become involved in the process albeit at an abstract level. They are provoked to feel the cool, technological depth of the Internet, which is the meeting site between the state intelligence machine and the hackers. 


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